Brandishing additive progressive-rock, post-hardcore, and retro electronic sounds since their 2011 double single ‘Joust/Eukodol’, Wrexham four-piece Gallops are now back with their highly anticipated debut album ‘Yours Sincerely, Dr. Hardcore’, which MM are streaming now…

Taking from where acts like Three Trapped Tigers, and Battles have been before, Gallops’ ‘Yours Sincerely, Dr. Hardcore’ is one of the best examples of how mixing live instrumentation and electronic musical elements can not only work, but can also bring forth one of the most enjoyable and immersive listening experiences around. So, needless to say, this is one album we whole-heartedly recommend you buy right now @

‘Yours Sincerely, Dr. Hardcore’ is out on December 10th via Blood and Biscuits


This track started out as a purely electronic track. We developed it specifically for the album as we thought there was good potential for an album opener in. Adding guitars and real drums worked a treat.


This track was born from chopping up bits of Astaroth and jamming over it. A lot of our writing involves remixing disregarded loops. The song title is awful, we have no shame.


Our first track with any discernible vocals. Although sampled and heavily processed! Turns into a Sabbath meltdown at the end, devil horns and all.


Something we’ve worked on for a while, it’s developed a lot over the years from playing it live. It feels darker now, we like dark.


We wrote this initially, then took it apart recently and put it back together again. With the help of all the kings horses (and all the kings men).


Another daft title there. Listening back, this track is essentially 3 tracks really. We’ve just melded it into one. I think it works. The subby breakdown is almost Diplo-esque.


We should have called this one ‘Mario Waltz’.


Bromden is our favourite track to play live, it’s got a good build of energy and it’s a stomper. Named after the Native American from the Ken Kesey novel ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’. Yes, we read books.


It’s got a riff that’s a little bit Zappa, we switched it up a bit for the album and adding some grimy synth parts.


We’ve come full circle with this one. Crutches was one of the first songs we wrote together but it’s very different now. We added a bit of an improv jam to the end originally solely for playing live as a set-ender. But it works really well so we thought we’d put it on the album.

Aswell as streaming the band’s ground-breaking new album, Gallops were kind enough to give us some more information about the album, talking us through track-by-track…

Catch Gallops in the new year on their February 2013 Tour…

Fri 8th – CHESTER – Telfords Warehouse

Sun 10th – GLASGOW – King Tuts

Mon 11th – EDINBURGH – Electric Circus

Tue 12th – YORK – Fibbers

Wed 13th – LEICESTER – Firebug

Thu 14th – BIRMINGHAM – Flapper

Fri 15th – BRISTOL – Start The Bus

Sat 16th – CARDIFF – Buffalo Bar

Wed 20th – LIVERPOOL – Shipping Forecast

Thu 21st – LONDON – Lexington

Wed 27th – LEEDS – Brudenell Social Club

Thu 28th – HARTLEPOOL – The Studio

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