Brace yourselves kids, ’cause Alpha Male Tea Party are coming to Leeds at the start of April, and they’re bringing Valerian Swing and Body Hound with them too.

Sometimes, when we write a gig preview here at MM, we’ve got a lot to say. There might be a new, completely unheard of band playing a show in fuck-knows-where that we want people to go to, or there might be a festival coming up that has an immense line-up. But, sometimes we have nothing to say. Sometimes there are just gigs. Just great gigs, with great bands that – in our opinion – everyone should already know about.

But, the great thing about math rock and instrumental music is, there’s still a fuck load of people who don’t know what the hell it is. Which we suppose is why people keep getting suckered into ‘liking’ our ‘Lad Bible for people who like Tubelord’ type Facebook page. But, regardless of that, three of our favourite bands are playing Leeds on the 2nd of April, and guess what, you should come. You’ll like it, we promise.

Alpha Male Tea Party are loud, girthy and pretty god damn professional. They’re like the Bovril of the music world. Hot, steamy and full of meat. Wait, hold on, that came out wrong… Anyway (Jesus, this is getting off track), having been to Leeds a number of times over the past few years, the trio are coming back to the North this Spring, along with Italian three-piece Valerian Swing and Holy Roar’s newest prog quartet Body Hound.

As all three of these bands are set to play at 2015’s highly anticipated ArcTanGent Festival in August, you can consider this upcoming gig an unofficial warm up show of sorts – showcasing arguably three of the best booking choices the small festival has made so far this year. But, it’s not the Summer quite yet, so make sure you’re free this April. They’re all loud, complex, dynamic, intricate and amazing live. And you’d be silly to miss any of them.

Alpha Male Tea Party, Valerian Swing and Body Hound will all play The Library in Leeds on the 2nd of April.