Three of our favourite up-coming artists – Usurp, Rise, Patchwork Natives and Orchards – all play a FREE show at The Gladstone in Brighton on the 8th of November

Brighton is increasingly becoming a beacon for math-rock and instrumental music in the UK. It’s home to some of the scene’s most memorable artists, and it’s grown to be a staple for touring bands from all over the country. But what’s best about the Southern positioned City, is the amount of fresh, new musical talent it constantly churns out.

And whilst some of those new bands can often miss the mark, or come to a gradual stand-still, three bands that have really caught our attention in the last 6 months are set to play The Gladstone in Brighton on the 8th of November.

As a part of their UK mini-tour, Usurp, Rise – an experimental four-piece known for their on-going relationship with progressive instrumental music – are headlining the free show in Brighton. Their music an amalgamation of jazz, trip-hop, electro and prog, the Southern quartet are also joined by local groove-led math-rock three-piece Patchwork Natives – a favourite of MM’s who fit effortlessly and superbly alongside both Usurp, Rise and the support band.

Orchards – who open the night – are a sickeningly addictive and dangerously up-beat female-led band who mix both elements of math-rock and pop to create songs which are immediately memorable yet impeccably intricate.

With all bands set to release new records in 2015, Usurp, Rise, Patchwork Natives and Orchards are three projects you should all familiarise yourself with in the coming months. And with all playing a free show in Brighton, we recommend getting down to The Gladstone on the 8th to witness some of 2014’s most promising bands, firsthand.