It’s crazy to me that 65daysofstatic are now one one of the UK’s better established and longer-running bands…

…with a crop of imitators,multiple world tours, festival headline sets, four full-lengths, one soundtrack album, a live album, three EPs, three rarities collections, and a handful of singles under their belts and now, in their twelfth year as a band, are preparing to release their fifth full length album.

It’s mind-blowing, and I feel quite lucky to have had the privilege of watching these guys grow as a band over eight of those twelve years. I first saw them play to about thirty people not too long after The Fall Of Math came out, the fresh-faced newbies to the then-booming post-rock scene, and I’ve managed to catch them during pretty much every album/tour cycle since. I’m not gonna pretend it’s always been the best ride imaginable, but I can’t help but feel a little bit of pride in how far these four dudes from Sheffield have come.
Check out 65daysofstatic’s full tour dates HERE65daysofstatic play this year’s ArcTanGent festival in Bristol. More details are HERE

The Fall Of Math, their 2004 debut, will always be well remembered – big, loud and bold instrumental post-rock with crashing guitars buoyed by fuzzy electronic drums, synths and samples. There wasn’t much else that sounded like it at the time, and it’s rightfully an absolute classic. Early shows were great fun as they thrashed their way through the songs, climbing all over everything, balancing guitars on their faces, all kinds of mad shit. Unfortunately (though many will disagree with me here, I think), they suffered a bit of a lull with their second and third albums. One Time For All Time introduced more keys to their sound, but mostly fell a bit flat, other than the absolutely storming closer ‘Radio Protector’. Destruction Of Small Ideas kind of returned to Fall Of Math‘s style with a few of the extra tricks they picked up along the way, and has a great guest spot from Kathy and Drew from Circle Takes The Square, but is mostly more ‘miss’ than ‘hit’ as you can tell the band felt trapped by the confines of being a guitar-based post-rock band.

But it is this frustration that actually makes album number four, 2010’s We Were Exploding Anyway, so good – 65dos took a good look at their back catalogue, what worked, what didn’t, what they had done, and what they wanted to do, and basically said “Fuck it!”, ripped the whole thing up, and just made a dance record. Okay – there’s still plenty of guitars and an under-lying post-rock vibe, but the whole thing is dominated by keys, synths and pulsing beats and it’s absolutely awesome, and is clearly the album they had wanted to make all along. The shows before the album came out when they were kicking the ideas around were incredible, miles ahead of the fairly lacklustre ones that had followed Destruction…, with old songs morphing from their guitar or piano foundations in to sprawling electronic numbers, and the shows following Exploding…‘s release turned in to the biggest dance parties imaginable.

Basically, my point here is, after so many years in the game, breaking ground and learning from mistakes, 65daysofstatic have become one of the most genuinely exciting bands in the UK because it’s impossible to have any fuckin’ clue what they’re gonna do next. Will their next album be a guitar-heavy rock record, a pounding dance epic, a goddamn sci-fi film soundtrack, an ambient soundscape? Hell, it could even be a cowpunk concept album, though that admittedly feels somewhat unlikely. Whatever it is, 65 have wasted enough time on records they weren’t interested in making to mess about anymore, so you can be sure that Wild Light, out on September 16th, is gonna be great. The previews they’ve offered up so far don’t give too much away, and the few hints they give are vague enough that it could go anywhere. Exciting times.