Frantic, hard-hitting and chaotic; Fearless Leader‘s newest release Fiercely Loyal is a brilliant piece of technical post-hardcore that’s more than worth your time.

Knowing practically nothing about Seattle’s Fearless Leader, and their notable musical exploits, when their new record Fiercely Loyal presented itself to us earlier this month, we found it hard to ignore.
Released 12th December 2014
La Dispute, Blakfish, Sikth, These Arms Are Snakes

Awash with masterful guitars, big ideas and guttural vocals, Fiercely Loyal is an ever-evolving series of modern-rock songs that combine only the best elements of math, post-hardcore, metal and prog rock.

Literally and figuratively screaming to be heard, Fearless Leader’s newest release isn’t for the faint-hearted. It’s full of intense passages of disorientating rock, and presents a point of view, lyrically, which isn’t easily forgotten. But it’s these uncertainties and sharp points which make Fiercely Loyal a record worth listening to.

If you’re into fearless music, brutal delivery and uncensored songwriting, then Fiercely Loyal is definitely the record for you. Listen to the record in full above.