Luo announce debut album ‘Sleep Spindles’ and release new track


After a string of brilliant EPs, singles, live sessions, remixes, reimaginings and collaborations, Luo are finally set to release their debut album Sleep Spindles.  It’s been nearly exactly a year since Brighton-based electronic instrumental troop Luo released Ebb & Flow; a record that finally introduced Luo as a fully functioning live band. And whilst Josh Trinnaman (the super clever music guy behind Luo) has been producing incredible glitchy music under the Luo moniker for over 4 years, a full-length record has never materialised, until now that is. And we couldn’t be more excited. Taken from their up-coming record Sleep Spindles, the band’s new track ‘Octopus’ highlights all that’s great about Luo. Downbeat, glitchy, complex, ambient and thoughtful; it’s a track that’s hard to pin down. And… Read More →

Hello ‘Wrong’, goodbye Cleft


Bad news, Cleft are calling it a day. Good news, they’ve just released an incredible new album and live video. Swings and roundabouts. Cleft have always been good. I can’t remember a time when they didn’t sound amazing. When MM first picked them up, just after the release of their incredible Whale Bone EP, they were already well on their was to becoming the band they are today. Loud, technical, talented, professional, personable; it’s no wonder Dan and John have enjoyed such success as a two-piece over the last few years. And somehow, they’ve got better. Their sound has been honed, their songs refined and ideas expanded upon. And their efforts have paid off big time. They’ve shared stages with the… Read More →

Watch Monobody perform live track ‘Country Doctor’


After releasing one of our favourite albums in 2014, Chicago’s Monobody are back with an incredible new live session and up-coming split record. It’s been just over a year since we first heard Monobody – and luckily they’re still as good as ever. Their live version of ‘Curry Courier Career’ blew us away when it was released back in 2014, and their debut self-titled album was one of our favourites from 2015. So, naturally, we were a little bit excited when we heard the 5-piece had another live session up their sleeves. Now, if you haven’t already heard Monobody before, then you’re in for a treat. This performance of their album closer ‘Country Doctor’ is one of their best yet – and… Read More →

Watch Body Hound tear shit up in Manchester

Body Hound Live Shot

Last month, Body Hound played to a rammed Gullivers in Manchester. And this was the result. Over a year ago, Sheffield-based instrumental four-piece Body Hound released their debut EP, Rhombus Now. A truly ridiculous fucking record. And now, in 2015, we’re still listening, trying to figure out how the hell they did it. After seeing them in Leeds last year, and after catching their incredible set on the main stage at ArcTanGent this August, it’s fair to say they’re not pissing about. Rhombus Now  wasn’t a one off. It wasn’t a bedroom project or a joke. It was the start of something new. Something good. Something unique. Having been up and down the country playing on a bunch of different bills and line-ups,… Read More →

Town Portal announce UK/EU dates and live video

Town Portal Small Pond

Copenhagen’s finest, Town Portal, are hitting Europe and the UK this Autumn. After the release of their much anticipated second album The Occident, and an unstoppable tour with Alarmist earlier this year, Town Portal are coming back to the UK this October with a string of dates in the south, hitting London, Brighton and Bristol – the big three. As well as a short UK leg, Town Portal have also announced a number of dates in Europe across France, Germany, Belgium and the Czech Republic. Town Portal have been impressing audiences with their unique, sludgy, and intricate instrumental sound now for over 4 years, ever since the release of the debut EP Vacuum Horror. And the three-piece show no signs of stopping. Releasing their brand new live… Read More →

Patchwork Natives – ‘N . F . L . S’

Patchwork Natives - N . F . L . S

On their debut EP, N . F . L . S, Patchwork Natives present one of the most diverse instrumental records we’ve heard in a long while. Since forming in early 2013, Brighton three-piece Patchwork Natives have dedicated themselves to the art of music and songwriting. Living and breathing the project – Liam, James and Tommy have spent the better part of 3 years building and perfecting their eclectic instrumental sound. And with N . F . L . S, their hard work has finally paid off. N . F . L . S (Newtons Flaming Laser Sword) is the name of Patchwork Natives’ debut EP. It’s a short but brilliantly diverse release that showcases just how incredible and exciting instrumental music can be. At its heart, N . F… Read More →

Listen to Waking Aida’s brand new track ‘Blue Shelled’

Waking Aida Promo Shot

Everyone’s favorite new post-rock quartet Waking Aida are back with a brand new album and their first new track in over a year. Get excited. Waking Aida’s debut full-length record Eschaton blew us all away when it was released back in June 2014. It was such a well-formed and great sounding record, and one that we just couldn’t ignore. Mixing elements of brooding post rock and immediate math rock, Eschaton was everything we wanted it to be. It was bright, joyful, captivating, upbeat and extremely memorable. And we’ve been waiting for a follow up ever since. And thankfully the band haven’t disappointed. A mere 14 months after the release of their debut album, Waking Aida are now set to release their second record this September, through… Read More →

Introducing | Mayors Of Toronto

Mayors Of Toronto

It’s been 5 years since Birmingham legends Blakfish played their last ever gig at the Flapper with The James Cleaver Quintet, Shapes and Conquistadors. And still, Birmingham isn’t the same. The JCQ: dead. Shapes: dead. Conquistadors: inactive. Blakfish: dead and fucking buried. What happened to you Birmingham? You used to cool. Yeah, we know, we’re being pretty unfair. Some of you will no doubt be able to convince us otherwise – what with &U&I and the like. But, honestly, it seems recently like Brum has been missing something. Maybe it’s been missing bands like Mayors Of Toronto? The newest group to come crashing into the world of math-rock and instrumental music, Brum locals Mayors Of Toronto are a band worth looking out for. They play fast,… Read More →

Exclusive | Listen to Cousin’s new track ‘Dry Steering on a Wet Road’

Cousin press photo (web res)

Tucked away in Brighton, groove-led three-piece Cousin are set to smash 2015 with the up-coming release of their new record Music To Polish Your Rifle To. Cousin are Chris, Orpheas and Alex, a three-piece instrumental band from down south. And whilst many bands in today’s scene are making their music as complex and diverse as possible, Cousin are taking things in a different direction. Cousin’s music is thoughtful and brooding; it’s full of thick chord progressions, meaningful riffs and moments of exceptional dynamic songwriting. They break down the formalities often found in traditional post-rock and new aged instrumental math-rock, and promote music which is both free-flowing and easy to relate to. MARCH 25th – Paris, France – Le Cirque Electrique 26th – Rouen, France –… Read More →

MM Recommends | Alpha Male Tea Party & Valerian Swing In Leeds

Alpha Male Tea Party, Valerian Swing, Body Hound, Gig, Leeds

Brace yourselves kids, ’cause Alpha Male Tea Party are coming to Leeds at the start of April, and they’re bringing Valerian Swing and Body Hound with them too. Sometimes, when we write a gig preview here at MM, we’ve got a lot to say. There might be a new, completely unheard of band playing a show in fuck-knows-where that we want people to go to, or there might be a festival coming up that has an immense line-up. But, sometimes we have nothing to say. Sometimes there are just gigs. Just great gigs, with great bands that – in our opinion – everyone should already know about. But, the great thing about math rock and instrumental music is, there’s still a fuck load of people… Read More →